Broken Records

Last week, 4 people died trying to climb Mount Everest…again. Can we please shut that down? By now, literally nobody gives a shit if you can reach the summit. Anyone with an REI membership and $50,000 can pretty much do it.

Remember that Steve Fossett guy? He circled the globe in a hot air balloon back in 2007. But then they showed his balloon. It wasn’t like he was Phileas Fogg going around in a wicker basket wearing leather goggles. No, he looked like he was flying around in an Airstream camper. It had all kinds of crazy technology like a heat and GPS navigation.

That Fossett guy tried like ten time before he finally did it. At some point you have to think he’s just an idiot. When you see those regular hot air balloons, there’s really no way to control them other than going up and down. I’m more impressed that people DON’T end up half way around the world every time they go up. The real record should be for the guy who can go 3 blocks in one without hitting power lines.

Sadly, Fossett went down in his personal plane just out for a routine trip. When stuff like that happens, there’s always someone who says, “he died doing what he loved.” No. Not really. What he loved was flying. He died crashing.