Dad Bands

Want to know how to ruin a perfectly good evening of drinking? Go to a bar on Dad Band night. What’s a dad band you ask? Dad bands are like that insipid 90s band Sister Hazel, only without the hard edge.

Every suburb has at least 1 dad band that dominates the local brewpub scene. Their biggest fans are the other guys in the band, and at least someone’s wife who isn’t.

These guys have known about this gig for months, and they still show up needing to do a 45 minute sound check.

I wold rather listen to a Christian contemporary group than stand around listening to a dad band.Click To Tweet

The setlist would crack any prisoner at Gitmo faster than anything the CIA could come up with.

Every gig sees the addition of yet another member. It’s usually another guitar, but they’ll take anyone. Within 2-3 weeks they look like a white version of Earth Wind and Fire.

The worst thing about dad bands is they play at just the right level to drown out conversations, but not loud enough to actually rock.

Finally, no one dresses like they’ve ever heard rock and roll. Instead, they look like they just finished mowing the lawn or coaching girl’s soccer. Cargo shorts, Keens, and the god damned backwards baseball cap.