Whoa Weed

In the past year I have yet to see a show where at least one comic doesn’t say, “So, I uh, like weed”. They literally say that. Note, I didn’t say, people make a lot of pot jokes. People literally utter that phrase at least once at every show I’ve been to.

I do not, I repeat, do not have a problem with people getting high. I just hate the way people have made it really, really uncool.┬áNow that it’s relatively legal to smoke dope, there’s no real risk in talking about it. Besides didn’t we already cover this ground to death in the 70s with Cheech & Chongs? Like them and their act, it is kind of old and tired.

Dope and raunchy sex jokes baffle me. I can’t help but think, just how repressed some people must have been brought up to still think this stuff is shocking. I’m not young, but I heard way worse stuff when I was 12.

Dope jokes are like dick jokes. They can be funny, but only if there’s a new twist. When you tell a bad one, you do make the audience uncomfortable. It’s not because they’re prude. It’s because they pity the comic.

The way people talk about dope these days is like listening to 16 year olds just discovering alcohol. Dude, I can’t remember anything last night. I was so waaaaaasted. Dude. We used to have a saying that, “drinkers weren’t counters.” I think we need something for the dubage.