Show Report # 3

I did another new comic showcase. This time it was in Sunnyvale, CA at Rooster T. Feathers. It’s a well-know club in the Bay Area. They’ve seen their share of big names come through over the years.

The cool thing about this club is it used to be the site of Andy Capps in the 70s. For those of you who don’t know their Silicon Valley history. It’s where the first coin-operated arcade game was installed.┬áIt was a Pong machine by Atari. Their headquarters were around there somewhere. You can read more of this here if you’re so interested.

As for the show, it was pretty fun. It was the most polite and organized club I’ve ever been too. Thanks to Heather Barbieri and her staff. It was my third show and I’d say my confidence is improving. I’m still working on my performance and material.

Since I was in the heart of Silicon Valley, I thought I’d do some material on everyone’s favorite new toy, the group chat app Slack.

What is Slack?

It’s like email. But instead of getting one message. It’s like getting 50, 60, or 79 emails 1 sentence at a time.

It’s like being at the drive-thru with a carload of drunk autistic kids barding orders and questions at you all at once.

Here’s a clip of my performance. A quick note. The guy before me was on the batshit crazy side. He left the audience a little dumbstruck. So that’s what I’m talking about in the beginning.