Root Canal

When someone wants you know how bad an experience is going to be, they like to compare it to a root canal. I’ve had two, and I’ll be having another really soon. I can safely say, there are way worse things to go through in life.

I hate telling the dentist how long it’s been since my last cleaning. I feel like a hillbilly because it’s always been more than 6 months. The dental hygienist, on the other hand, I’ll tell her anything. I feel like they’re the ones you can trust not to judge you. No matter what, they’ve always seen way way worse than whatever you’ve got. The dentist always acts like everything is a state of emergency.

I hate telling the dentist how long it's been since my last visit. No matter what, it's too long and I'm going to sound like a hillbillly.Click To Tweet

I started having a nasty toothache yesterday and broke down and bought some of that shit they use for teething babies, Orajel. That product sounds like something that should be in the marital aides section. I bought that, and slathered it on my gums. Turns out, a little goes a long way, and all over your mouth. It’s a topic anesthetic, so everything was on the right side of my mouth was numb.

I got into the dentist today and found out, I was having some nasty ass decay going on under a crown. My dentist drilled into it and packed it up with some antibiotics and scheduled me for a root canal next week.

The happy ending I that I got a prescription for Vicodin.